Discover HOTOK, the innovative project that reinvents the tourist experience with a revolutionary application and a 3.0 hotel complex.

Oversight of hotel construction, privileges at our establishments and partner hotels, access to exclusive events. Its value increases over time. Our ecosystem’s ambitions know no bounds. , So join our networks to stay informed about the latest updates.

The Hotok project is dedicated to creating a cutting-edge hotel complex through Real World Assets (RWA) and tokenization. This innovative approach enhances accessibility and value creation in the hospitality industry.


NFT HOTOKs offer investors various benefits, including regular rewards, increased security, and long-term appreciation potential. By incorporating HOTOK NFTs into your portfolio, you participate in a thriving ecosystem where opportunities for enrichment are continuous.



Hotok will leverage the metaverse to create an elaborate synergy between the real and virtual worlds, offering an immersive experience of exceptional quality.


The HOTOK app is your indispensable companion for travelers.

As soon as they arrive at partner locations, the app ensures an exceptional stay by providing access to a network of trusted service providers right at their fingertips.

HOTOK seamlessly connects travelers with activity and leisure providers, restaurateurs, and cultural landmarks, all dedicated to enhancing the experience of local tourism.

“HOTOK unites innovation, technology, and tourism within an ecosystem where everyone emerges victorious.” – Mouss, founder


The tokenization of the inaugural HOTOK hotel complex presents a distinctive investment opportunity commencing in 2025.

By investing in a segment of the complex, you actively bolster its prosperity and enjoy assured revenue.

Aligned with our dedication to solar energy, innovation, and eco-conscious suppliers, we strive to deliver appealing returns to investors alongside an exceptional stay experience for global travelers.

Explore how you can engage with our venture and capitalize on this opportunity today.


Hotok Metaverse : Delve into a realm of immersion, escapism, and boundless discovery.

Step into an environment that transcends the divide between reality and virtuality, providing unmatched experiences and adventures.

Hotok Metaverse beckons you to venture into uncharted territories, forge connections with fellow explorers, and embark on limitless journeys.

Come join us as we blur the lines between the tangible and the digital, unlocking a universe where exploration knows no bounds.

HOTOK is born
Application development
Partner & network development
European & Golf deployment
Construction of the 1st resort